Ideal Race is an aftermarket performance company committed to developing the highest quality tunes and products for Alfa Romeo vehicles. We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing properly engineered and race-proven products. Ideal Race is owned and operated by calibration engineer Eric Urness. Eric received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (Linfield College) and a Post Baccalaureate in Vehicle Design (Western Washington University/WWU). He boasts 20+ years of professional calibration and race experience in various automotive engineering fields, including Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Performance Aftermarket, and Professional Racing. Details below:
APR LLC, Lead Engine Calibration Engineer from 2013-2020
Developed ECU and TCU calibrations for VAG vehicles sold worldwide (ROW & NA)
Tuned nearly every VAG engine/chassis combination since 2005
Added and tuned hardware modifications including intake, downpipe, exhaust, intercooler, turbo system, supercharger, nitrous oxide, camshafts, ported cylinder heads, stroked engines, compression changes, throttle bodies, map sensors, MAF sensors, temperature sensors, ethanol content sensors, etc.
Wrote, troubleshooted, and tuned ECU algorithm changes for software functionality; including correcting code limitations for boost pressure (2559mbar), airmass/fuel mass calculation, close loop boost control for operation above code limitations, launch control, hard rev limiters, “push to pass”, pit speed limiters, ethanol flex fuel capabilities fueling, timing, and load/boost, map switching, etc. 
Worked with every Bosch variant in the VAG marketplace from ME7, MED9, MED17, & MG1.
Worked with every Continental variant in the VAG marketplace from Simos 8.4 & 8.5, 10, 16, & 18.
Read Simulink models in German to perform calibration duties
CCP log ram variables to perform engine calibrations using in house created data logger.
Developed hardware prototypes based of instrumentation of engines using MoteC C125 dash, thermocouples, pressure transducers, turbospeed sensors, etc
Tested vehicles during street operation, drag racing, 1/2mile racing/autobahn use, and road course (Road Atlanta/Barber)
Started and Implemented Project Management based schedule system for business.
Developed ISO9001-based quality system & documentation for engine and transmission calibrations.
PACCAR Technical Center
 Test, Calibration, and Software Development Engineer, July 2008 – Dec 2012
Performed engine development and testing on MX10 diesel engine in AVL dyno cell.
Wrote, troubleshooted, and tuned engine control software functionality
Verified and validated performance testing
Conducted engine altitude and temperature compensation calibration
Researched and developed MX13 software controls
ISO 9001 QMS/EMS Representative for Engine Calibration Group
Trained in Six Sigma
Designed, tested, and calibrated engine control algorithms through Matlab/Simulink Modeling
 HorsepowerFreaks, Portland, Oregon
 Associate Sales Representative, June 2006 – February 2007
Provided consultation and customer service
Turbocharging specialist   
Designed and developed products used in the E46 M3 turbo kit and the Evolution 8/9 market
Provided sales, marketing, and technical support
AWA Racing (Professional Race Team)
Compass Racing (Professional Race Team)
Powertrain and Data Engineer, 2017 & 2018 IMSA Seasons
Provided Powertrain support, data analysis, and trackside support for IMSA & PWC, McLaren 570S GT4 & Audi RS3 LMS. 
Set fastest qualifying lap in ST, set pole, and won the race at Laguna Seca & 3 other podiums.
 Mantella Autosport (Professional Race Team)
Powertrain Engineer, 2016 PWC Season
Provided powertrain support, data analysis, and trackside support for competition in PWC GTS class (Bosch MED9)
KTM XBOWR GT4 won GTS class (Brett Sandberg)


For any questions or concerns please reach out to us, we are available during our normal business hours from 8-5 CT Mon-Fri 





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