You can find ECU removal instructions here for the Giulia QV

Please contact us via email or phone to let us know you’re sending your ECU(’s) in.
Phone: 334-750-8940
Shipping Address:
2700 Sandhill Rd.
Auburn AL, 36830 
Please Print this page, fill out the form below, and put it inside the box with your ECU(’s)

Full Name:_____________________________________________________

Shipping Address:_______________________________________________

Email address:__________________________________________________

Phone Number:_________________________________________________

Year model:____________________________________________________


Customer Optional Feature Selections (please circle)

Pops and Bangs? YES / NO

Exhaust valves open full time in Dynamic mode? YES / NO

Octane Fuel to be used? 91 / 92 / 93 / Other -please specify

Octane if other:_________________________________________________

Current software:________________________________________________
(if using our switch & save program)
Ownership transfer? YES / NO

(Are you updating a car the previous owner had tuned with us?)


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