Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0L ECU Tune

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0L ECU Tune!


The Alfa’s Magneti Marelli (MM) Engine Control Unit (ECU) generated several roadblocks to develop the tune. We had to develop several tools prior to calibrating the vehicle. In 2018 we developed our own high-speed RAM logger. This tool permits us to break down and analyze every calibration change to better understand how the factory ECU operates.  It took considerable time tuning the MM ECU,  learning each MM control strategy with countless dyno sessions. We cannot stress the amount of energy and effort it took to develop this calibration, including tool development and dyno time. IdealRace is the only company in the marketplace that developed the required tools to correctly calibrate this platform. We’ve done it and we’re going to keep doing it.

We are able to adjust and optimize the ignition for specific octane/fuel types. You can run full E85 without modifying your fuel system hardware. We have optimized the 2.0L Multi-Air’s variable valve system. We gained a more in depth understanding of the calibration from developing our hybrid turbo and implemented it into the original tune With this tune along with our hardware the Stelvio promises a dramatic improvement from current market offerings. The full potential of your Alfa’s stock turbocharger and Multi-Air valve system is harnessed through using the IdealRace ECU tune specific to your fuel – 91 Octane, 93 Octane, VP MS109, and E85 fuel.  

Stock tune on 93 octane- 242whp@5200rpm, 293wtq@2450rpm

E85 tune- 313whp@5300rpm, 393wtq@2500rpm

93 octane tune- 275whp@5200, 355wtq@2600rpm

91 octane tune-263whp@5200, 338wtq@2600rpm

MS109 tune- 304whp@5300rpm, 382wtq@2500rpm

In effort to stay clear and transparent we rate all numbers at the wheels instead of inflating them by using BHP or crank horsepower numbers.

Using our carbon fiber intake and stainless-steel downpipe, can generate 393 ft-lbs of torque and 313 wheel horsepower on pump E85. The additional flow of the intake and downpipe allow the turbocharger to create the same boost pressure at a lower wastegate duty cycle. This makes it easier for the turbo to work at that specific duty cycle. With the wastegate duty cycle now optimized, we have maxed out what the factory turbine wheel was designed to handle. With these simple hardware upgrades and tune, we boast a 12.32 second quarter mile at 111mph and 13.60 second 60-130 MPH


While we recommend using our Intake and downpipe this software can be run on a stock car however the power levels will be lower than stated.

The E85 file does not add flex fuel capabilities, It is tuned to run from E60-E85 Ethanol content which is usually the range you will find at the pump. Ethanol content can be found lower in some cases, it is important to know the quality of fuel being used. You can test this manually with test strips or we offer an ethanol content sensor kit that can be added in-line of your fuel system.

This ECU is currently bench flash only. For an Ideal Race calibration, your vehicle’s ECU must be shipped to us for reprogramming. Please use the ECU Order Form and include in the box with you ECUs. 

We ship ECUs back to customers using UPS Next Day Air at no additional cost. (applicable within the continental United States) 

International customers please contact us for region specific solutions.

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