Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio ECU Tune

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio ECU Tune!

All Ideal Race calibrations have been thoroughly researched and developed. Prior to release, calibrations undergo a rigorous testing process using our all-wheel-drive Dynapack as well as track and road testing.

Our calibrations produce enhanced engine performance and best-in-class power backed by data and results. Ideal Race holds the record for quickest and fastest Alfa QV with a time of 10.75 seconds in the ¼ mile at a speed of 129 miles per hour.     

Ideal Race develops hardware products in conjunction with software calibrations to take your Alfa Romeo to the next level. We offer staged upgrade packages so you can receive the desired performance experience from your vehicle.

Stage 1 Calibration: This tune is optimized for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines with no hardware modifications.

Stage 2 Calibration: This tune requires downpipes and is optimized for the Ideal Race Carbon Fiber Intake System.



In addition to enhanced engine performance and increased power, here are additional features incorporated into all IdealRace calibrations:

Stop/Start Invert – Ideal Race pioneered this function. The factory included stop/start function is extremely irritating in stop-and-go traffic and increases bearing wear from excessive starting. With our calibration, the Stop/Start system defaults to the OFF position.

Left Foot Braking (LFB) – The factory drive-by-wire throttle and braking systems are very sensitive to LFB. Our calibration reduces sensitivity while retaining the factory safety feature. This optimizes apex turning and enables the driver to do burnouts or other car enthusiast tricks.

Hard Cut Rev Limiter – Our calibration utilizes a fuel cut strategy without reducing the airflow/boost request. This produces a rev-limiter that engages on-time and is extremely effective. Bouncing off the rev limiter during an acceleration pull does not reduce the boost request, allowing the car to quickly get back in the race.

Pops n’ Bangs – Car enthusiasts love the sound of crackles and burbles coming from the exhaust. With an Ideal calibration, we retard the late ignition during fuel-cut over run delay in order to amplify the sound of pops and bangs. The feature is limited to control excessive EGTs generated from this strategy.

Exhaust Flaps – The exhaust flaps are re-tuned in dynamic(DNA) and normal settings during full load operation to produce a consistent and predictable back pressure for excellent boost control and smooth power delivery. The exhaust flaps are kept closed during targeted speed/load points that generate irritating exhaust drone.

This ECU is currently bench flash only. For an Ideal Race calibration, your vehicle’s ECU must be shipped to us for reprogramming. You can follow this link for ECU removal instructions.  Please use the ECU Order Form and include in the box with you ECUs. 

We ship ECUs back to customers using UPS Next Day Air at no additional cost. (applicable within the continental United States) 

International customers please contact us for region specific solutions.

Clone services included in regular tune price at no additional cost – contact us for more information.


Fits Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.9L Quadrifoglio MY2018+

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